i take one step forward two step back,
how far have i gone, seems to have lost track,
everywhere i see i find this crowd,
making me a part, they cry out loud,
i'm just a simple man, i've no reason to be proud,

beep beep beep,

you thought you are reading serios stuff,
give me break dude,
next few lines are a complete waste of your time,
so sit or just go pooo.....

people say i'm crazy lazy bastard,
in the history of the world the biggest disaster,
it was my deepest desire to be called a gangster,
then to open a company like daimlerchrysler,
i could have done with even one, but i got neither,
but there is something i got, education,
only to keep my ass on the matt in preparation,
to go to shit of a college and sleep on the station,
as this thought in ma brain got clearer,
i ran like an olympic torch bearer,
ran to the nearest drug dealer,
tried to enroll myself for the next session,
but he ain't have a spot, says he's hit by recession,
so i ran even further, to learn to become a fighter,
there was this sexy girl, and i was told to fight her,
she punched me here and there,
it was like my ass blown with a lighter,
this girl kicked my ass, damn i liked her,
but now i have to run, to a new destination.....

i wanted to go to paris to see the eiffel tower,
bought a ticket and passport and a flower,
the plane was ready, by the time that i boarded,
some men came with ma picture which said wanted,
i was taken out of the plane and thrown in jail,
rotted there for days but no one came for bail,
police said i was good for nothing,
sent me to a new facility, this jail was a lot dirty,
but still had some activity,
i tried to make a plan, to break the prison,
like michael scofield in prison break,
i was called to mend a fuse,
i said i was no electrician, was thrown out of jail,
they said i had no use, i was the wrong guy,
they were searching for someone else, so please excuse,
but i was not satisfied, i wanted to break the prison,
not get thrown out,
best way was to be held in treason,
and here i was again, back in prison.....

this time i had made a plan,
having tattooed the jail's plan on ma ass,
so that without anyone seeing i could pass,
and then i went to the lady doctor,
pretending to have low blood sugar,
she made me eat so much sugar
that i had diabetes in one night,
from that day i started to have sugar fright,
then i started fire in the warehouse,
to dig a hole and get out,
but then the jail had a mass breakout,
and i had to run out with the crowd,
my ass screaming out aloud,
why tattooed me when you had to run,
you could have stayed like a man,
ran out acoording to the plan,
then we could go toghether to find scylla,
then you could happily buy a new villa,
fed with this thought i erased the tattoo,
it had for long had me bothered,
i set out now thinking how i met my mother.....

i travelled far and wide and even farther,
but could find nothing i could do,
was standing on the road, and a man said "hey you",
i was happy, someone needed me,
i turned toward him with a hope,
and then he said, get off the road,
i was showed the way to the footpath,
thought whatever, i went to the beach to take a sunbath,
then it stated raining and lightning struck me,
suddenly i realised my eyes opening,
there was this alarm ringing,
was i really standing in the rain,
then my head felt a lot of pain,
the alarm clock had just fallen on my head,
i finally realised i was in my bed,
man all this time i was dreaming,
my mom just started screaming,
come for breakfast, you're late for classes,
i'm comin, just let me find my glasses......

hey people, do tell me how you find my little adventure

AIDS entire genome decoded

For the first time, experts have decoded the structure of an entire HIV genome -a breakthroughthat will now help in finding the VIRUS weak spot. Scientistd will now able to peep right inside the deadly AIDS virus.

The work was done by Dr Kevin Weeks, a chemistry professor of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, and colleagues, and features as the cover story of the 6 August issue of Nature.

Before this work, researchers had only modelled small regions of the HIV genome, which is very large and made of two strands of nearly 10,000 building blocks or nucleotides each.

Viruses like HIV, whose genetic code is carried on RNA (rather than DNA) are harder to unravel because unlike DNA where the code is carried almost entirely in sequential building blocks or nucleotides, RNA folds into complex and intricate three-dimensional patterns that are harder to unravel. Other RNA-based viruses include the flu viruses, hepatitis C, the common cold, some cancer precursors, polio, and many others.

The replication of RNA-based viruses is controlled at many levels, including conserved "structures" of RNA genome, many of which have not been studied in much detail. The way the HIV encodes proteins is not straightforward either: while there is a correspondence between RNA and a primary sequencing of proteins, there is another level of coding between these "structures" and "inter-domain" loops that connect different parts of HIV proteins.

For the study, the researchers used a high-throughput RNA analyser called SHAPE to examine the architecture of HIV genomes isolated from infectious cultures containing trillions of viral particles.What they found suggests that the complex RNA structures (which they referred to as "motifs") influenced several steps in the HIV infectivity cycle, in other words they modulated "ribosome elongation to promote native protein folding".

They also found that: "Some simple genome elements previously shown to be important, including the ribosomal gag-pol frameshift stem-loop, are components of larger RNA motifs."

This, in turn, will help researchers make better drugs to treat such viruses, said Weeks. New drugs are often engineered to fit into specific structures on a virus, blocking it from attaching to a cell, for instance, or gumming up its works so it cannot replicate.
But RNA viruses are especially hard to defend against.
More than 20 drugs are now on the market for HIV, for instance, and it requires various combinations to keep it in check.
Weeks said the new imaging technique will help researchers looking for new approaches. "In the short term it almost certainly is going to make it easier to design short, interfering RNAs," he said.
These drugs, known as siRNAs for short, stop RNA from functioning and can interfere with defective cells or bacteria
and viruses.