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My favorite actress..Hot na

Guss who is she??

My friend..Padaku type

ooo..Moti My friend

Actually at that time i was missing someone..

Don't know who ;-)

Feeling blue without her.

I'm a lonely guy (ha ha ha)

uhhhhh...By mistake she became hot.. ;-)

Fall in love madly..My bestttt sketch..

These are not my best and favorite sketches because i gifted them to the person i like.

market timing

Certainly the most natural urge you can have in today’s bear market is to bail out of money-losing assets and put all you’ve got left safely in the bank, where it can’t keep losing. But the fact is that market rebounds tend to occur quickly and unpredictably. If you guess wrong and hold all your savings in cash when stocks ricochet off their low point, you’ll have locked in the loss to this point and captured none of the rebound. It’s tired advice and hard to stomach in these volatile times. But the best way to go is to select a mixture of stocks, bonds, and cash, and stick with it over time.

No Clear Direction for the market…

The senxex started the month on a positive note and
extended its gains throughout the first half of the month as investors’ sentiments were boosted on the hopes of reforms by the new UPA-led government. However, the second half of the month was marked by volatility and the indices could not hold on to the highs achieved earlier. Investors resorted to aggressive profit-booking reacting to weak global cues. Thereafter, the markets traded in a narrow range with a negative bias until the close of the month as investors began exhibiting apprehensions about a not-so-good monsoon.

Minister Manmohan Singh announced that with high savings rate, India can achieve a growth rate between 8% and 9%, even if the world economy does not improve. Further, firm global markets and higher US index futures helped Indian stocks register strong gains. In addition, the Finance Minister’s request to banks to reduce interest rates to speed up the economic recovery also boosted investors' sentiments.


As the recent stock market rally has been very swift, in our view, the markets may consolidate at the current levels in the near term. Moreover, with the delay in the monsoon in Northern and Western India, a possible shortfall in rains may weigh on investors' sentiments as it can adversely impact the disposable income in the rural and semi-urban region.

We believe that the upcoming result season may remain mixed for the investors. Below, we are highlighting our expectations from the key sectors that we cover.

Information Technology: Weak discretionary spending and continuing pricing pressures from large clients are likely to keep the growth of the sector low.

Banking: Earnings are likely to remain under pressure on
account of lower net interest margins and higher provisioning, led by increasing delinquencies in the loan portfolio.

Real Estate: We expect revenues to increase as the residential sales volumes are picking up, especially in the mid income/ affordable housing segments. Further, we expect cash flows to improve due to an easing liquidity situation.

Automobiles: We expect an improvement in the earnings supported by rising demand, improved net realisations, and lower raw material cost.

Money and Happiness --- You Can Have Both!

The nuts and bolts are great, but what I love best is the exploration of the relationship between money and happiness. Over the past few decades, that quantitative research indicates Indians are no happier than when we were less economically well off.

We all have a tendency to place a carrot in front of our nose that promises happiness if we could only get that promotion, or buy that house and luxury car. As is so often the case, the promotion brought more stress, the new house came with a huge mortgage in times where employment is more uncertain, and that luxury car got dinged several times in the parking lot. That carrot of happiness can be very elusive.

Some people have to achieve more and more in life the insatiable drive or “hedonic treadmill”, whether professionally, financially or materially, yet are likely to die unsatisfied. This treadmill is about as irrational as a hamster running feverishly on his exercise wheel expecting to get out of the cage. The good news is that that it’s possible for all of us to get off this treadmill, and out of the cage, by remembering that the basic car gets you where you need to go just as fast as that luxury car, and the smaller house actually requires less maintenance.

It’s also important to remember that money is a means to an end. Our relationship with money can be either constructive or destructive. And it’s possible to go way too far in being frugal. One of my friend has a net worth of millions and hates his primary care physician. He won’t see another physician because his health care insurance would require him to pay more to go out of network. Though I can’t disclose specifics of the financial plan for this friend, I can assure you it doesn’t have him taking his money with him when he leaves this world.

The first and foremost of figuring out what we want to do with our lives. I happen to think this is a much tougher task than investing. Carefree days of happily playing cricket may fuel our fantasies, but empirical research shows that what truly makes us happy is:

  • A sense of purpose — working toward a cause we believe in.
  • Friends and family — getting off that treadmill and spending time with others

Hottest Careers for College Graduates

Tensed or Worried about finding a job after college? Then look in the right places.

Here are some fields that made the list of the hottest careers:-

1.Website development.A career with website develoment, provides the prospect for professional development and increase in an exciting, technology based work situation.
As newspapers continue to decline, the web is showing an insatiable appetite for content, but it requires a new approach to writing.

Mobiles or Casual game development. About 200 million people play these games on iPhones, iPod Touches, and other mobile devices. My 16-year-old can tell you how addicting games like Peggle can be.

3. Data mining. While businesses and governments are collecting breathtaking amounts of information about people, experts are needed to strain through it all and make sense of it.

4.Clinical trial design and management. There’s a great need for people who can put together clinical trials to find better ways to treat cancer.Mainly in the field of Oncology department.

5. Geriatric healthcare. As the boomers continue to age, they will require ever more trips to the doctor, hospital and various therapists.

6. Mobile media.
Graphic designers who have experience with Web design and animation are in great demand for interactive media for mobile gaming, Web hosting and smart phones.

7. Embedded engineering. This type of engineering could be an option for skilled software coders who burn out.

8. Occupational health and safety. The demand for emergency preparedness experts continues to grow while more specialists are needed to cope with tech advances in safety equipment, as well as regulatory changes.

9.Multilingual. Bilingual skills are highly marketable in such fields as law, business and medicine even as in business.

10. Sustainable business practices. Companies need sustainability experts to navigate them through the new green economy.

Biotechnology. A booming field which requires expert.

Friends Forever

Sorry i forgot to tell u,
that as my friend u must b true..

as that time i went to say,
no more were we at play....

i meant to tell u the future looked bright,
but all of sudden u were not here for our as usual fight..

i went to tell u we should be friends,
that i ll b here untill the end..

but u wud not liten to me,
so friends no longer shall we be...

u dint bother to ask me n walked away forever
u r not longer with me..

this 1 is for all my frnds who r still wid me n for those who r no longer wid me..