Hottest Careers for College Graduates

Tensed or Worried about finding a job after college? Then look in the right places.

Here are some fields that made the list of the hottest careers:-

1.Website development.A career with website develoment, provides the prospect for professional development and increase in an exciting, technology based work situation.
As newspapers continue to decline, the web is showing an insatiable appetite for content, but it requires a new approach to writing.

Mobiles or Casual game development. About 200 million people play these games on iPhones, iPod Touches, and other mobile devices. My 16-year-old can tell you how addicting games like Peggle can be.

3. Data mining. While businesses and governments are collecting breathtaking amounts of information about people, experts are needed to strain through it all and make sense of it.

4.Clinical trial design and management. There’s a great need for people who can put together clinical trials to find better ways to treat cancer.Mainly in the field of Oncology department.

5. Geriatric healthcare. As the boomers continue to age, they will require ever more trips to the doctor, hospital and various therapists.

6. Mobile media.
Graphic designers who have experience with Web design and animation are in great demand for interactive media for mobile gaming, Web hosting and smart phones.

7. Embedded engineering. This type of engineering could be an option for skilled software coders who burn out.

8. Occupational health and safety. The demand for emergency preparedness experts continues to grow while more specialists are needed to cope with tech advances in safety equipment, as well as regulatory changes.

9.Multilingual. Bilingual skills are highly marketable in such fields as law, business and medicine even as in business.

10. Sustainable business practices. Companies need sustainability experts to navigate them through the new green economy.

Biotechnology. A booming field which requires expert.

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