Mumbai meri jaan...

In d wake of mumbai attacks,
dead bodies piled up in shacks,
no 1 could even fight back,
u talk bout security,
well, security had cracks,
it was inadequate,
it was not our fate,
to prove ma point,
i dont have to b a bill gate,
their hearts filled with hate,
dey didn't need a certificate,
to come and penetrate,
india's security,
man check ur credibility,
to even secure d nation,
d nation now can see,
whats d meaning of security,
its lost its authenticity,
d situation is intricate,
v need to concentrate,
on d people who died,
coz of d people who lied,
and whom so ever laid
his life, how were dey paid
in return, minister said
dey were great, dey were dead
for d country, was it a war..??..
if it was a war den it was a scar,
on india's face,
coz dis country ain't participate,
in any arms race,
dey fired from a police van,
on innocent people,
firin blindly as only dey can,
and people ran for their life,
man many of dem had wives
and children, who just might,
have been waiting in d night,
their parents would come home,
but it would have been a fright,
to listen to their fate,
man even when i write,
ma hand goes pale white,
to imagine their life,
without their loved one's,
man dis stuff aint right,
dis has gotta stop,
but how is it gonna stop,
it aint happen all of sudden,
its all our burden,
and v gotta carry dis burden,
as v all r one unit,
v all gotta unite and do it,
man dis aint no shit,
we should not split,
v gotta combine our strengths,
no matter what religion,
till every indian,
awakens under his soul,
till he aint gain control,
and take his resolve out to d street,
and stop accepting defeat,
till our chances r discreet,
till d last drop of blood,
gushes in our veins,
dose terrorists dey noe not,
what courage indians got,
lets show dem v r no lots,
of people who r weak,
let dis informaiton leak,
indians will fight back,
v'll show dem v aint lack,
dese losers r no match,
for d real heroes,
see there dey go,
frightened in their bunkers,
man dey r some fuckin jerkers,
v hav d spirit,
dat v all once lacked,
lets show dem how v do it,
till dey dont admit it,

Dis all come right from ma heart,
dis is just d start,
even in d eyes of d world,
i may b a retard,
so fuck it,
i'm gonna make a new beggining,
to make INDIANS say,
lets not dishearten lets not live in dismay.......

so lets come together in a rhythm,
and make them realise that we r not 1,
......yes we r not 1, we r one soul...

We hope dis enlightens you not to b afraid against terrorism.
"you die once, but if u r afraid u will die every second''.....

written by - ASHUTOSH JHA...[]...


ajeet said...

this is the right time to understand that we are one soul... nobody will change our opinion on the name of god ,religion,caste or creed... this is the right time to stand for our nation.. i just want to say that i want my SONE KI CHIDDIYA back.....

NIDHI said...

a gud attempt to potray d strong emotions of indian citizens!!! bt if we wana becum winners..... v hav to convert dese emotions into actions!!!!

ashutosh jha said...

rightly said...