Life in a hosteL

Any guy or girl who has spent a few years in a hostel will tell you that it is a mixed bag. Neither is it all fun, games and drinking, nor is it all studies, ragging and tension. It is an ideal preparatory type="text/javascript"> ground for all ’kids’ to grow up and face life.

Here what i feel, i listed 3 good and bad sides of Hostel life.............


1. Movies:I watched most of the movies FDFS (First Day First Show). It did not really matter if the movie was good, bad or ugly. It did not matter if the movie was a comedy, romance or a tragedy. It did not matter if it came from a Yash Raj banner's KANK or was a Ramgopal verama's ki AAG or PHOONK.
ultimately we had fun.....

2. Dhaba Food: We had lots of Dhaba food. Being a veg eater, I ate numerous plates of dal makhni, malaai kofta,kadhai paneer, mushroom masala....... n butter rotis We had food in dhabas mainly becoz we enjoyed the food there and could not afford food in big restaurants anyway.
we just contribute n enjoyed..... (anshoole never contribute bt he cames first to us n convince us..lolz)

3. Drinking and Dirty Mags: As anyone staying in hostels will tell you, guys drink a LOT! In our hostel, even girls used to drink and 'daaru' was plentiful. It did not matter if you had money or not - no body refused a girl a drink! So we drank like there was no tomorrow....Guys somehow feel dirty mags are an exclusive all male thing. HELL NO!!!! Girls read dirty mags too...though our stuff isn't as 'in your face' as the boys ones. The number of Dirty Mags i have been through in those one n half years - I can not match up in all my years ahead. And everybody used to bring their own collection and share with all. So I read English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi,and even some French dirty mags. (Fortunately you read less and look more - as I cant read all those languages).


1. Ragging: No body enjoys running around in the college campus proposing to a guy (randomly jo bakra mil gya wo)! But ragging was accepted as a necessary evil and we had to tolerate it as well. But to our credit WE NEVER RAGGED anyone. No clarifications. No one was even told to sing a song, dance - nothing at all. Unfortunately we were not so lucky and had to do several ragging acts like:
- Proposing to seniors
- Dancing Mujra in scanty clothes for for our seniors (GIRLS ONLY)
But thanks to this - I could after that I was never shy - no issues at all. I was very shy before i went to the hostel.

2. Hostel Food: I will let you judge our hostel food by describing a typical canteen meal.

Water colour dal
Sabzi (A mix of vegetables no one can understand)
Paneer (its like non dust rubber)

Noodles (dey try to mde chineese bt they don’t how to cook)

Roti *(its like papad)
To say the least - we hated it from the bottom of our heart and ate out when the pocket permitted. But thanks to this - I can today eat anything, anywhere - no problem sir!

3. Exams: It’s not really anything to do with Hostels, but we did have to study a lot in the hostel. Atleast 3 weeks in a semester… (including T1 T2 n T3). we used to study day and night. And by day and night - I mean upto 5 hours a day! And the hostel gals were very supportive(they prepared notes and coz we are the boys(hum photoshop wale ke pass jakar saare notes ki photocopy kra lete hai). No one EVER disturbed you if you were studying. But those 3 weeks were really tough. The only pleasure was the day wen exams over……

At the end of it all, I feel when i have kids, i will definitely keep them a few years in hostel. This will help them ’GROW UP’.

Share your experiences with us !!!


ashutosh jha said...

beta apne bacchon ko pehle hostel mein daalne ke baare mein sochna bhi mat....pata chala coll mein ate ate cigg aur daru ki dukan khol di....padhna likhna to door ki baat

deePak PrajaPat said...

sahi baat hai ashu..aapko dekh kar hum ye andaaja laga hi skte h ki yha par kya kya ho skta hai n hamare bache kya kya kar skte h....lolz

Ashutosh jha said...

are bhai maine kum se kum dukan to nahin kholi....waise bhi aapko khush hona chahiye....hamare jaise shareef roomie kismat walon ko hi milta hai....kuch idhar udhar ke kaam nahin bas padhai and likhai....lolzz....