Menopause is a little known but natural phenomenon that can strike men too.Don't fret !! It's natural.We have often come across quiet , restrained, irritable, anxious men in their middle age- men who easilyget disturbed.Asked the reason for their behaviour ???

Just as womengo through menopause, men experience a decline in male hormones, testosterone after the age of 45 or 50 giving rise to a variety of symptoms and ailments such as weakened sex drive, anxiety, depression and moodiness.

The clinical name for the condition is Male Menopause is Andropause.However, they undergo important physical & homrmonal changes.The occurence of male menopause is a natural outcome of aging. More often than not, andropause is triggered by illnes, diabetes & obesity.Any form of autoimmune disease or cancer increase the risk of low testosterone levels.

Hormonal replacement therapy & diet therapy are the two line of treatments that can ease symptoms of male menopause.

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