Specialized course on NANOTECHNOLOGY

TECHTODS is platform to bring together students who want internships and companies who take interns and trainees. We have come across a great opportunity for exclusively BIOTECH branch students. This is a specialized course on NANOTECHNOLOGY, a first of its kind course in India.

An entrance test will be held for the same on 2nd May,2010. Register by sending your resume at nanotech@techtods.com or submitting your resume at www.techtods.com

The registration is free.

The details of the course are as follows :

o Only specialized Nanotechnology course of its kind.

o Topics Covered:

§ Quantum physics for nanotechnology

§ Computational Material Science

§ Molecular Electronics

§ Nano Carbon Tube (NCT)

o DURATION: 6 weeks ( 7th June - 17th July)

o 1st week - Basics of Nanotechnology

o 2nd week - Training of Quantum wise Software

o 3rd week - Practice of tutorials on software

o 4th-6th week - small projects based on nanotechnology simulation using quantum wise software

o COURSE FEE Rs. 9,000/-

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