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RASA Life Science Informatics, a bio-Chemoinformatics company based in Pune. Equipped with team members having a combined experience of more than 150 years, RASA is ready to set a new benchmark in providing services and solutions in the domain of bioinformatics, chemoinformatics and life science software development. RASA believes in sharing knowledge, hence we have a dedicated training division wherein students and professionals are trained.

Ø RASA is a pioneer in providing ’in demand ’ job & research oriented training & projects.

Ø RASA have successfully trained scientist and professionals from NCL, NARI , Persistent, Evolves, D Y patil, and other reputed national institutes & companies.

Ø RASA trained biochemistry, microbiology, biotech students in bio/ Chemoinformatics & pharmacoinformatics to enhance & optimize their research & publication work.

Ø RASA audience pool ranges from Junior college to PhD holders.

Ø 90% students get placed after training from RASA across India & abroad in various Pharma , biotech,CRO, institutes & companies like Xceleris, Evolvus, NCL & in RASA itself.

Ø RASA facilitate Corporate Training to reputed companies.

Why Industrial Training?

· To meet corporate/research need to get hire easily.

· To channelize efforts in right direction.

· To optimize knowledge and skills.

· To be out performer from day one on work.

Industrial Training & Projects Details :

RASA provide summer/winter/industrial training, certification courses and projects of duration 1 month to 6 months in field of Bioinformatics/Chemoinformatics & Biotech. Topics are as follows.

RASA‘s Exclusive training modules & projects topics :

v Micro-Array data Analysis,

v Protein Crystallography data Analysis

v Workflow Development

v QSAR studies

v in-Silico Primer designing and gene cloning

v virtual Library designing and scaffold hopping

v Life science software development

v Ligand based drug designing

v Structure based drug designing

v homology Modeling and Docking

v Bioinformatics

v Chemoinformatics /pharmacoinformatics


v Database Development

v Perl/Python/BioPerl/BioPython

v Life science portal/tool development

Biotech Training & Projects :

The project will have both Biotechnology and Bioinformatics topics, thus enabling you to have an increased level of understanding on your project. Duration is 6 months.

1. Industrial Training & project in Recombinant DNA Technology

2. Industrial Training & project in Cancer Cell Culture

Salient Features of RASA Training& Projects :

Ø We intent to restrict maximum number of students to 15 only.

Ø Chances to publish papers.

Ø Batches start every month.

Ø We conduct batches on week ends also.

Ø Guest lecture & guidance from eminent scientist from research institute of India and abroad.

Audience: Any one from junior college students, Diploma holders ,Graduates, Post-Graduates ,PhD holder, Teachers, scientist ,professional of science background like bioinformatics, chemistry, Pharma, biotech, microbiology, biochemistry etc. Those who want to meet industry standards.

Speakers: RASA teaching members are having experienced more than 50 years in industry and research organization. Some of RASA speakers are as follows:

National Speakers :

v Aftab Ahmed Khan (MD of RASA,5 yrs exp in Bio-&Chemoinformatics)

v Sapana Mehendale (M D, RASA,4 yrs exp in life science software development)

v Dr. Muthukumarasamy Karthikeyan (Scientist E1,NCL,15 yrs exp in Chemoinformatics & Drug Discovery Research)

v Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh (Scientist,NCL,15 yrs exp in Molecular Biology, Biotech, protein crystallography )

v Dr. Syed Ismail Ahson (Pro VC, Patna University,55 yrs exp in Computer science Bio/Chemoinformatics)

v Pradeep Malji (Engineer, KSB Tech Pvt. Ltd, 4 years exp Software Design and Development, Technical Support)

v Saurabh Bundela (Senior Scientist, Systems Biology Worldwide,11 yrs exp in Genomics, proteomics, Bioinformatics)

v Vishal Rajdev(Senior S/w Executive, Thermax,6 yrs exp in Database management & ERP)

v Surojit Sadhu(Jr. Application Scientist, RASA,1.5 yrs exp in Bioinformatics/Chemoinformatics)

International Speakers:

v Dr.Alexander Tropsha(Professor and Chair UNC , USA, 26 yrs exp in Drug Discovery)

v Dr.Andreas Bender(Lecturer, University of Cambridge,UK,15 yrs exp in chemo/pharmacoinformatics)

v Dr.Santosh Panjikar(Scientist, EMBL-Hamburg, Germany,10 yrs exp in Protein crystallography )

v Dilip Narayana (Pursuing PhD ,Norway,5 yrs in Chemo-informatics)




RASA Life Science Informatics ,

opp Chitaranjan vatika, Model colony,Shivaji nagar,

Pune 411016.

Phone : 020 – 65600408,08007594458


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