Cell Culture Engineering World

Date:- December 1, 2011

Cell Culture Engineering World is Asia's ONLY and MOST INFLUENTIAL cell culture industry gathering in 2011, bringing together cell culture scientists and industry leaders from both research and industrial manufacturing field to share and debate on latest technologies and best practices for enhanced biomanufacturing.
Cell culture is of vital importance in the life sciences industry for both research and industrial use. On the research front, cell cultures find extensive application in toxicology studies for initial-stage screening of compounds in drug discovery. On the industrial front, the rising vaccine, biologics and emerging cell and tissue therapies production are expected to drive demand for cultures specific to its cell lines.

Global market for Cell/Tissue Culture Supplies is projected to surpass US$6 billion by 2015, as stated in a recent report published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The US represents the largest market for cell/tissue culture supplies in the world, while Asia's contribution is projected to reach US$720 million by 2015, driven by the rising popularity of biopharmaceuticals, advances in biotechnology and life science research coupled with broader range of application areas.
However, choosing the right cells, the right media, the right bioreactor and the right method are still challenges to many.
Cell Culture Engineering World serve as the platform for cell culture community in Asia to exchange new ideas, discuss best practices and share latest technologies. It will also be cell culture solution providers' one stop solution to get your company’s voice heard in order to shape and grow your future market share in this surging industry!

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