Fourth International Conference on Plants & Environmental Pollution (ICPEP-4)...after 2 months

Organiser: National Botanical Research Institute(Research Organisation)

Start Date: 8 December 2010

End Date : 11 December 2010
Conference/Symposium/Summit  For Undergraduate level
Most of the environmental concerns faced by the developed countries following industrial revolution and resultant economic boom and consumerism in the past are now spreading to the developing countries as well. Among the scourges faced by mankind today, environmental pollution is in the forefront. In the greater part of the last century, it was the fast pace of industrialization, galloping demand for energy and reckless exploitation of natural resources, in developed countries, that were mainly responsible for creating the problem of environmental pollution. India, with a population well over a billion people, is home to one-sixth of the humanity. It is a developing country, where its teeming millions suffer from poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition resulting in severe degradation in environmental quality and ill health. However, with its strong industrial base, sound infra-structure and phenomenal progress in science and technology, it is poised to become a developed country in not too distant future. It is, therefore, ideally suited to host a conference of this type and magnitude. Because of its sheer size and population, what India does today, will have its impact on the entire planet tomorrow. This is more likely in the areas of environment, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Entire global community, therefore, has a vested interest in supporting and sustaining any move for protection of environment and biodiversity conservation in this country. An International Advisory Committee with some of the most reputed and highly distinguished environmental and plant scientists has been constituted to guide and advice in planning and organizing this Conference. Areas/Disciplines of the Conference
The Conference will cover following broad areas/disciplines:
1. Bioindication & Bioremediation
2. Environmental biotechnology
3. Environmental education, Mass awareness and Legislation
4. Environmental Impact Assessment and Eco-auditing
5. Environment and Biodiversity
6. Plant Responses to Environmental Pollution
7. Biotechnology, GM Food & Environmental Safety (Special Session)
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