International Conference on Environmental Challenges: A Global Concern...1 month left

Organised By: Kanya Maha Vidyalaya

Start Date: 15 October 2010

End Date : 16 October 2010
Eligibility: Undergrad Level
Energy and Development of any nation go hand in hand. Poverty, climate change, global warming, deforestation, desertification, solid waste disposal are the outcomes of the unplanned development and unsustainable use of energy consumption pattern. These issues are not restricted up to one nation now. They concern for the human race for survival. The Millennium Development Goal can only be achieved by inculcating these issues in daily life and by promoting research and techniques to improve the life supporting system. Environment science is an emerging field where much efforts are required to be done such as to promote the clean energy drive and to get the least waste out of improved technology, facilitate the technology to developing nations to control the GHG gases and to develop mitigation technology to lessen the intensity of the driver of global change. There are many issues that require a great attention like devolution of power to people, utilization of scientific and technical expertise, strengthening of institutional support system.
Call for Papers The research papers are invited on various sub themes of the conference from prospective authors/co-authors from universities/ institutions/colleges. The abstracts (not more than 300 words) can be uploaded on the conference website. Only online submissions and original contributions will be accepted. Registratoin form can also be downloaded from the conference website. In case of any query, contact the organizing secretary via e-mail .
Topics to be covered
1. Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity
2. Water Pollution and Water Quality Control
3. Air Pollution and Air Quality Control
4. Solid Wastes and Other Pollutions
5. Global Change
6. Ecological engineering
7. Environmental Analysis and Measurements
8. Society and the Environment
9. Renewable Energy Developments
10. Other Environmental and Energy Issues
One session of ICEC-10 will be conducted by BARC, Department of Atomic Energy, India. For further details do check us at our Web address 

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